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The generic concept of "Architecture Content Framework" is touched only very shortly in the introductory paragraph of Part IV. The TOGAF Architecture Content Framework is presented as one possible "content framework"; the other example is Zachman's Framework.

Architecture Content Framework detail1.png

A Content Framework apparently provides the structure and terminology according to which "architectural work" is being defined.

The content framework provided here is intended to allow TOGAF to be used as a stand-alone framework for architecture within an enterpr ise. However, other content frameworks exist (such as the Zachman Framework) and it is anticipated that some enterpr ises may opt to use an exter nal framework in conjunction with TOGAF. In these cases, the content framework provides a useful reference and starting point for TOGAF content to be mapped to other frameworks.
(TOGAF9, ch. 33.1, p. 361).
Content frameworks, such as the TOGAF content framework (refer to Par t IV: Architecture Content Framework) can be used to specify standard building blocks and artifacts that are the subject of content integration standards.
(TOGAF9, ch. 40.4.7, p. 557)