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How to model file transfer, i.e. FTP?


There are several ways to visualize file transfer using ArchiMate. The key is to use the technology usage viewpoint as a basis. This viewpoint describes the infrastructure services used by applications.

File transfer can be modelled as an infrastructure service used by two applications: the provider and consumer. The realisation of the file transfer infrastructure service requires both the provider as the consumer to be deployed with supporting system software.

Figure 5 34 File transfer.png

Figure 5 53: File transfer

From the above view we can see the application interface Trans info between ACME application X and Y. ACME Application Y is the provider of the interface and ACME Application X uses Trans Info interface. This is depicted by the composition and used by relationship. The Trans info application interface uses the Internal File transfer infrastructure service. The internal file transfer infrastructure service is realized by system software

  • Coyote Slow FTP Client - deployed in same environment as ACME Application X and;
  • RoadRunner Quick FTP Server - deployed in same environment as ACME Application Y

In a technology usage view it serves no purpose to indicate the flow of data. It can however be concluded that the flow is from X to Y. A flow from Y to X would require an additional application interface.


Usage of this good practice requires the usage of application-interfaces as a substitute or addition to flow relations.


Not applicable.

Relationships with other good practices

There is a relationship with the The ‘Display messages in queues’ good practice. This good practice may also be used for infrastructure services like Messaging. In that case the system software would be based Message Queue software.