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How can an infrastructure landscape be modeled in ArchiMate? Enterprise architecture is used to register the essentials of architecture domains and visualize the relationships between those domains. In the technology domain implementation-specific details are often important, but which aspects should and which should not be modeled in an infrastructure landscape in ArchiMate?


When modeling an infrastructure landscape it is essential to maintain distance (or objectivity) from the stakeholder and their corresponding concerns. In most enterprise architecture initiatives the goal of modeling an infrastructure landscape is to visualize the most important elements (hardware and software) of the infrastructure, how these are connected to networks and what their geographical location is (such as main office and regional offices).

Limit an ArchiMate infrastructure landscape to the most important physical systems and networks and specific essential supporting software like operating systems, database management systems and middleware.

Use the Infrastructure viewpoint from the ArchiMate book (Lankhorst et al., 2005, p. 186). This viewpoint allows the architect to show which essential hardware and software elements determine the infrastructure landscape and how they are connected via networks. It is recommended practice to group infrastructure elements in this viewpoint based on geographical location and make these groups explicit.

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Figure 19: Example of an infrastructure landscape


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