Infrastructure services

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Which services would one want to model on the infrastructure layer? From a maintenance point of view the infrastructure layer often requires a lot of detailed information. For example which systems exist and how are these connected to each other? The step in describing meaningful services for the environment is not commonplace: how does one start with modeling services on the infrastructure layer and which types of services must be distinguished?


Describe those services on the technology layer that provide support to applications. It is recommended to distinguish processing services, storage services and communication services. When modeling the infrastructure layer it is essential to use abstraction of internal details, for example implementation details. Domain specific languages are better suited for this. Use the viewpoint ‘Infrastructure usage’ from the ArchiMate book (Lankhorst et al., 2005, p. 187). This viewpoint allows visualizing how applications are supported by software and hardware infrastructure.

Figure 4 01 Example of infrastructure services.png

Figure 18: Example of infrastructure services


Apply the definition as described in ArchiMate (Lankhorst et al., 2005): an infrastructure service is a visible unit of functionality, delivered by one or more nodes, exposed via well-defined interfaces and meaningful for the environment.


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