Motivation concepts and Implementation & Migration concepts

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What are effective viewpoints for a project portfolio, modelled with the afore mentioned concepts? Viewpoints giving oversight of goals to be achieved over time, or viewpoints giving insight in the projects needed and the dependencies between those projects?


Separate viewpoints are used for oversight and for insight. The model itself may be constructed as shown.

Figure 5 54 The way of modelling.png

Figure 5 54: The way of modelling

Year and quarter are used as periods to show when goals will be achieved with less or more detail. A project consists of milestones, that have an enddate in a quarter. A milestone realizes deliverables that may depend on other deliverables to be useful. A deliverable realizes (a change in) a core element. A goal is also associated with a quarter. A yearlevel goal is an aggregation of quarter goal(s). Goals influence drivers of stakeholders, demonstrating why a goal has been chosen

Figure 5 55 Goals by year.png

Figure 5 55: Goals by year shows the (yearlevel)goals by year, giving an oversight without any detail.

Figure 5 56 Goals by quarter.png

Figure 5 56: Goals by quarter zooms in on one year and shows the more detailed goals by quarter.

Figure 5 57 Goals details.png

Figure 5 57: Goals details shows on the left side details of a goal in text and the influenced drivers. On the right side what the organization has to do to realize the goal and the core elements influenced by that.

Figure 5 58 Project view.png

Figure 5 58: Project view plots projects, milestones and dependencies in time. Years and quarters are shown as columns. The (dependent) project with its milestones is on the first row. The projects it depends are on the lower rows. A deliverable needed before it is planned to be ready draws attention immediately.


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Depending on the interests of the stakeholders other viewpoints may be added, like a “Drivers and influencing goals” viewpoint.

Relationships with other good practices

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