Necessity for using services

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Figure 2 02 Most Important relationships between concepts.png ArchiMate Made Practical

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Are services mandatory in ArchiMate? In my current situation we have no implemented services. We also do not have a service-oriented vision.


Services in ArchiMate are not mandatory. If these are not distinguished and not foreseen for the future, the services can be left out at will.


If no services are distinguished, then no services will be modeled. The rules applying to good practice ‘Simplification with sustainable consistency’ have to be used to use the ArchiMate concepts in a consistent manner. Instead of a process that uses a service (1), this uses an application function (2) or, with increasing simplification, an application (3).

Figure 5 17 Use of an application functioninstead of an application service.png

Figure 5 36: Use of an application function instead of an application service


Even if currently no services are distinguished, service-oriented thinking can help to achieve another view on the world. This can lead to new insights. By considering the world from a service-oriented viewpoint one often will arrive at other groupings and responsibilities.

If the service-oriented approach is envisioned to be used in the future, that future situation can be modeled with services.

Relationships with other good practices

Refer to good practice ‘Simplification and preserving consistency’.