Product and application services

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Isn’t it strange that a product can not only consist of business services but also application- and infrastructure services? A customer cannot possibly ‘consume’ application services? So if an application service is used almost directly by a customer, wouldn’t there be a business service in between? In some examples in the ArchiMate Specification, a product is composed of application and business services.


The Architecture Language Reference Manual indeed contains examples where customers use application services directly. It is better to put a business service in between. In the product description of the Architecture Language Reference Manual (p. 26) the application services ‘Account status’ and ‘Money transfer’ will become business services.

The connection between a business service and an application service is routed via a business process that supports the business service, and is in its turn supported by an application service. This validates the indirect relationship that a business service uses an application service.


You should consider deleting the aggregation relationship between product and application service.


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Relationships with other good practices

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