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How can you model two variants of the same process in ArchiMate whereby one process is executed as a batch process and the other process is executed manually (online)?


Distinguish two variants of the business process: one for manual (online) processing and one for batch processing. Although the results of the processes can be identical, the manual (online) processing allows more room for exceptions and often more granular process steps can be distinguished. In both process descriptions it is sensible to consider actions as units of time, place and behavior when determining the ‘size’ of the actions. This will probably differentiate the two process variants.

Based on the two variants of the business process, describe the application services that support these processes. Use the actions that have been modeled in the business process as a starting point: the implication of this is that the application services for both variants can differ! Often it will be that application services that support a batch process are more granular than application services that support an online process, because in the latter case more granular actions can be distinguished. Beware, it is very well possible that application functions that realize the different functions of application services are common: this points to reuse of functionality in the batch and online processing.

Use the Application usage viewpoint from the ArchiMate book (Lankhorst et al., 2005, p. 184). This viewpoint allows one to visualize how business processes are supported by applications, via application services.

Figure 5 10 Example of a batch and online variant of the same proces.png

Figure 5 30: Example of a batch and online (manual) variant of the same process


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Relationships with other good practices

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