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What is the TOGAF Metamodel

A Metamodel is understood here as

the construction of a collection of "concepts" (things, terms, etc.) within a certain domain.[1]

The domain at stake here is TOGAF. The TOGAF Metamodel is an ontological analysis of TOGAF as being used in TOGAF 9[2].

The TOGAF Metamodel is not the same as the TOGAF Content Metamodel, which is part of TOGAF and describes only the elements within the architectural work products. The TOGAF Metamodel describes all main concepts of TOGAF itself.

Why a TOGAF Metamodel

TOGAF is quite a complex set of concepts, methods and references. The Open Group has published sufficient literature to explain its concepts and methods. A Metamodel, on the other hand, reveals the "inner logic" and can help to understand its conceptual space. It also can help to uncover inconsistencies or gaps.

Structure of the wiki about the TOGAF Metamodel

This wiki contains

  • Views of the metamodel. Views are diagrams and contain sets of concepts and their relationships. View pages explain the main concepts and their relationships.
  • Concepts of the metamodel. Concepts are the atomic elements of the metamodel. Concept pages define the concepts.


The TOGAF Metamodel is currently described in the following views:

Views planned to be implemented

  1. TOGAF Top level view
  2. Architecture Development Method
  3. Architecture Content Framework
  4. Enterprise Continuum
  5. TOGAF Reference Model
  6. Architecture Capability Framework
  7. Architectural Work


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