Collaboration between organizations

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How can we model collaboration between organizations? What is meant by business collaboration? How does business collaboration relate to the concepts of business interaction and business role?


For a proper insight into collaboration between organizations, the Co operation Viewpoint is of value. This viewpoint addresses how the various roles and actors work together in a value chain.

  • Business Collaboration: A temporary- or permanently collective of two or more business roles that work together and therefore interact. The business interaction concept is the behaviour we see as a result of business collaboration.
  • Business actor: An active entity performing behaviour. An actor can equally be a single person,e.g.. customer, or a group of people e.g. a business line.
  • Business role: The responsibility for performing specific behaviour, to which an actor can be assigned.

The view below provides insight about the roles in the value chain and how they collaborate.

Figure 2 04 Cooperation between organizations.png

Figure 4: Co-operation between organizations


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